Signature Membership (SFCA designation), Federation of Canadian Artists
Tinyan Chan’s unique painting style combines a compelling blend of Western and Asian aesthetics. Tinyan’s energetic, impressionistic style and fearless use of brilliant color reflect the diverse cultural influences of his life. The delineations in Tinyan’s work recall beautiful expressions of classic Chinese calligraphy. Asian color sensibility and serenely natural scenes allow strokes of fuchsia, yellow, and turquoise to combine harmoniously, where one might expect them to clash. With the delicate Chinese brush discipline, Tinyan scatters lively and undisciplined patches of brilliant color throughout his compositions. He deftly balances asian and occidental components to arrive at his idiosyncratic diversity via the intriguing stylistic link.
TINYAN  CHAN October Gold
October Gold
Oil on Gallery Canvas  
24 x 36 x 1.5 in
TINYAN  CHAN The Joyful Colors of Spring
The Joyful Colors of Spring
Oil on Gallery Canvas  
40 x 30 in