Robert Roy was introduced to painting by his father and has had a great passion for the medium ever since.

Robert studied drawing at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres. From this solid art education base Roy has been able to develop his own unique style over the past twenty years.

Although he prefers people and the beauty of the human form (and this can be seen through his street scenes full of expression and movement) Robert is also mad about cows! These can be seen in Toronto’s downtown, Boston, Montreal, and in Roy’s beloved bucolic pastures.

Robert Roy uses charcoal and ink to capture a subject and then brings them to life with his full use of vibrant colors in oil. He describes his style as ‘expressionist’. Although he starts with a figurative approach, he then embellishes it with his very recognizable style of brushstrokes and loose treatment of the subjects.

Roy’s involvement in painting is largely emotional. His maturity and experience have resulted in an ability to translate any given subject into his own special ‘feeling’.