Moe Taylor was born on the prairies and now resides by the shores of Semiahmoo Bay in BC. Her work often references elemental landscapes, yet remains largely abstract. Working primarily in the medium of encaustic on wood panel, her paintings feature multiple layers of tempered beeswax, oil pigment and collaged elements. Taylor has studied at Emily Carr College of Art & Design.

“Art and science converge in cartography, but maps are more than just abstract representations of the world on flat surfaces. Maps can help us navigate, but they often conceal more than they reveal. My interest lies with West Coast charts from the early 1900s, in particular how these can merge with a painted plane.

Salvaged chart fragments carrying the imprints of their histories are encapsulated in the surfaces of the paintings. Map symbols are repeated in the layers, some obscured, others exposed. Impressions echoing cartographic marks are pressed, incised and scraped into the luminous surfaces, much in the same way we leave our footprints on the landscape.

Maps use the necessary level of abstraction to convey selected information. My latest body of work explores this notion.”

Associated Exhibitions

25th Annual Art Of Winter Group Exhibition
Special Edition 25th Anniversary
November 24 - December 24, 2018
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