Everist Prokofiev was born in Torun, Poland in 1959. He and his family left Poland when he was six years old, settling in Toronto, Canada. He was immersed in the visual arts and music throughout his childhood and developed his love for the fine arts at a very young age. Experiencing pressure from his family, to follow in the musical footsteps of his great uncle, Sergei Prokofiev, Everist found that he was much more comfortable composing on canvas. Attending the Ontario College of Art for four years, Everist continued to hone his artistic skills by enrolling in private painting lessons. He received much recognition and numerous awards before he reached 18 years of age.

After a long career in the Automotive and Home Renovation Industries, Everist now has the freedom to follow his creative dreams. He has cultivated his passion by painting under the instruction of several well-established Canadian and International artists. He has travelled extensively across Canada. The diverse and magnificent Canadian landscape continues to provide him with a limitless source of inspiration. His travels from British Columbia to Newfoundland and from the Arctic to the distant shores of the Caribbean re-sparked Everist’s creative instincts. Observing nature while spending time in the great Canadian wilderness has magnetized Everist to his canvas. He always travels with his easel and box of paints in hand.

In 2016, Everist was chosen to be part of the Canadian delegation, representing Canada, at the 6th Edition of “Artistes Du Monde Cannes, Exposition International” in Cannes France. This was a major turning point for Everist, expanding his creativity onto the world stage.

Everist and his family now reside in Southern Ontario, making his favourite inspirational landscapes, Algonquin Park, Georgian Bay and the rolling Hills of Caledon, easily accessible. In the summer months, he and his family reside in the mountains of Charlevoix Quebec, a place that over the past 100 years, has been a favourite destination for many of Canada’s renowned painters.

Everist is very involved in the Arts community. He is a member of several Art Societies in Ontario and Com2Art association in France. He teaches classes and holds palette knife painting seminars for all ages and skill levels, believing that awareness through education will ensure the longevity of the fine arts.

Everist’s paintings adorn the walls of private homes and are found in corporate collections across North America, The Caribbean and Europe.


Born into a musical family, Everist discovered his passion for the Fine Arts at a very young age. Attending the Ontario Collage of Art at only 10 years of age, he discovered the many genres of creation that led him to the canvas and palette knife.

Everist believes that a painting should not be just two dimensional, but rather an experience for rest of your senses. He does not just paint an image, but sculpts a leaf or a flower with dramatic manipulation of the palette knife.

The colours and textures of Everist’s paintings invite you to “touch” the canvas. “Feel” the leaves and listen, and observe how the changing light throughout the day, brings life to the image.  

“This is your sensory experience.”

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