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Historic Painting  Untitled - Collectors  Corner

Keith C Smith - Historic Painting, Untitled, 1983

Oil on Canvas  
22 x 28 in



This iconic painting by K.C. Smith is being sold through Collector's Corner at Adele Campbell Gallery. Proceeds from this sale will be generously donated by the original owner to the Kootenay Wildlife Association. Throughout his life, Smith admired nature's magical uninhabited beauty, he was passionate about nature; a strong advocate for the protection and study of Canada's wildlife and environment. Often painting plein-air, Smith studied wildlife first-hand and channeled nature's wild beauty through his craft.

KEITH C. SMITH 1924-2000 Keith Cornock Smith's striking canvases show his viewers a world of rugged peaks, mountain lakes and snow swept valleys. K.C.'s paintings draw the viewer in, inspiring the awe that one feels when first seeing a mist covered mountain lake at sunrise, or the majesty of an elk, suddenly aware of your presence, pausing briefly before slipping into the cover of the forest.

Keith spent his life traveling the backcountry of British Columbia, Alberta and the western United States, learning his craft and creating paintings that met his standards. K.C. described himself as a painter not an artist. The standards he used came from long experience, and the ability to know when a painting wasn't working, abandon it and start over.

Keith's greatest influences were Carl Rungius, who he met in Banff, Alberta in 1954, and the Canadian Group of Seven, but Keith was an individual with a style all his own. When a painting was right, when he was satisfied with it, he said it had "power and guts".

Keith pushed himself to challenge his viewers. Experience taught him to experiment, but he also knew what worked for him. Rather than working on several paintings at once, Keith preferred to focus on one canvas at a time, giving it all his concentration and attention. He'd tell you that it was about technique and feeling as much as subject, that brushwork was as important as composition. He experimented with color, always looking for new ways to mix, grade and layer. Every day, K.C. explored the potential of his technique. His paintings reflect his warm, kind personality and his quick sense of humor. It is these qualities and more that Keith brought to those who knew him well.

Keith & his wife Arlene eventually settled on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, where he lived and painted until his death in July 2000. Keith always spoke with passion about his work. He said, "It challenges me, but it's a gratifying and fulfilling experience."

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