Winter Spotlight on David Langevin and Michael O'Toole
Spotlight January 20th-30th, 2018
January 20 - January 30, 2018

_b_Winter Spotlight on David Langevin and Michael

Left top: Michael O'Toole, 'Ascending Light, Kananaskis,' 
Left bottom: Michael O'Toole, 'Morning Time,'
Right: David Langevin, 'Winter Firestorm,'  


We can’t wait to shine a spotlight on these two modern masters of Canadian art this January.

David’s landscapes and iconic ‘tree portraits’ are known for their vivid colouring, texture and audacious character.

Meanwhile, Michael’s dramatic landscapes are recognised by their intense perspectives, sharp contrasts and splashes of pure colour.

Explore brand new pieces from both artists, displayed together in the Gallery.